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We solve business problems through the introduction of technology. B2B & B2C. Individually for each client.

We are engaged in the development and implementation of technological software solutions for business.

Software, CRM, ERP, SCADA, marketing systems, business control and analytics systems, business process automation, 1C, digital twins, integrations, mobile apps, websites, eCommerce.

We work in directions

Integrated development

Development and implementation of software products of any complexity

Automation and digitalization

Business, Manufacturing, BPMS

Development of integrations

Between any information systems


Implementation, development and support of accounting systems


Development, development and maintenance of web-projects


Sales, development, promotion, control, integration

Monitoring systems

Development and implementation of monitoring systems


Monitoring systemsServers, architecture, monitoring, telephony, consulting

Finished software products

Tailor-made for your business



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Development of gift certificates for online store

We developed a software solution for the sale and control of gift certificates in Beauty Sleep and Ayris Silk online stores.

Development of gift certificates for online store
B2B portal development for Fashion

Increasing sales, reducing costs and a single ecosystem. Corporate development from VIMS Communication.

B2B portal development for Fashion
BPM and internal portal for managing packaging development processes

A custom BPM-system for managing the development process of corrugated cardboard packaging for Gofromir has been developed.

BPM and internal portal for managing packaging development processes

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Discover growth opportunities for your business


In-depth analytics provides a comprehensive assessment of the project and allows you to obtain relevant data, on the basis of which there is an opportunity for effective implementation and promotion.

Understanding the external environment allows you to launch and finalize a project without additional financial burden.

It is possible to qualitatively implement the communication, marketing, and development task only after a detailed analysis of the environment of each project.


The high efficiency of our work is based on a professional analysis of the project environment, a comprehensive definition of goals, objectives, results and the amount of required investments.

Project economics

Comprehensive study of all stages of the project allows us to qualitatively assess the cost of work, exclude additional financing during the implementation process, and also optimize costs.


At the request of the client, we do not disclose the name of the brand, product and legal entity in connection with the NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).


The employees of our company are certified specialists of the highest qualifications who have permanent practical experience in large projects with leading Russian and international companies such as VTB, Russian Railways, Transmashholding, Societe Generale, Adidas, Cinnabon and many other leaders in their industry.


Today more than 300 companies trust us to solve their business problems.


Analytics, market research and professional user experience.

Effective and professional work of our company is built on the basis of research and analytical data obtained in the course of market research, as well as the external and internal environment of each project.

Certificates and partners

Company, employees, software.



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