Corporate ORGCHART from VIMS Com. — interactive map of your company


Build the structure of the company, divisions, departments, internal and external interactions.

We have developed a corporate orgchart that is perfect for displaying the structure of your entire company.

Our orgchart allows you to build interaction schemes for employees, departments and all your legal entities, as well as add external service organizations and freelance to the scheme.

The interactive scheme is available to employees both from stationary workstations and from mobile devices!

Orgchart by VIMS Com. — this is:

  • Convenient company guide.
  • No limit on the number of users!
  • Integration with Active Directory.



Use the ORGCHART as a company reference


Detailed structure of your company

The scheme displays the founders, the composition of legal entities included in the group of your companies, contact details of departments, employees and service companies.

To simplify navigation, the orgchart has a simple architecture, color coding and "quick" data on title cards.

Department contact information

Inside the scheme, company employees can quickly navigate among the departments of the enterprise and service companies.

Each card of the scheme, when an employee interacts with it, is revealed and provides detailed information about the department: phone, mail, manager, description of activities.

Employee contact details

Inside the card of each employee, full professional information is available: department, phone, mail, manager, subordinates, job description.

Job description for each employee and department

Inside the employee and department card is a job description listing and describing professional duties.

Transparent personnel records

HR-specialists of the company can keep transparent personnel records of the enterprise.

Inside the scheme, the functionality of placing free and vacant positions for the search is provided.

Convenient management of multi-companies consisting of several legal entities

For companies with more than one legal entity, branched schemes of legal entities and mixed departments are provided.

Maintenance of service companies!

Building an interactive enterprise scheme involves adding external companies and freelancers to the organizational chart, listing the scope of work, responsible employees and contact information.


Benefits of an interactive ORGCHART from VIMS


Helps new employees to understand the structure of the company

By interacting with the scheme, any new employee will quickly understand the pool of contacts and employees for prompt and professional interaction.

An excellent tool for optimizing company personnel

The interactive diagram structurally displays the composition of all legal entities and specialists of the company, which provides unlimited opportunities for effective optimization of personnel, redistribution of job descriptions, as well as the search for new employees.

Convenient for audits

Orgchart is great for passing audits and interacting with the auditor

Create a formal and informal company map

Inside the orgchart, it is possible to maintain the official and unofficial structure of the company.

Integrated internal search engine for any parameters

For even more efficient and efficient interaction with the scheme, an internal search for companies, departments, employees, tags is provided.

Clear and user-friendly interface

If your company requires adjustments and adaptation of the interface to the requirements of the company and corporate identity, then we, as a developer, can make all the necessary changes and additions.

Customize colors for each department

All color solutions within the scheme can be adjusted by your company's employees.

Can become part of the corporate portal of the company

An interactive diagram or orgchart can be the first step or addition to your company's corporate portal.

Integrated with Active Directory

For ease of designing the structure and entering information, the orgchart can be integrated with your company's Active Directory.

Employee data is stored internally!

An important advantage of the orgchart is the storage of company data on the company's personal server, without providing data to third parties.

Compatible with all VIMS products!

When using our software products, you get unlimited opportunities to expand and integrate software solutions of our company and other developers into a single system!


We transfer the ORGCHART to the ownership of the company


Our software solution will allow you to work at the highest level of corporate security and data protection. We offer software solutions that you can use in a convenient way for you.

  • No monthly usage fees!
  • Use the orgchart on the company's internal server.
  • Use an orgchart in the cloud.




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