Leader's digest. Application for strategic management.
Software solution from VIMS Com. for operational and strategic management of the company. 100% result!
Автоматизация бизнес-процессов / BPMS Цифровизация производств Цифровые двойники Разработка

Leader's digest. An application for the strategic management of a company.


One of the best experienced strategic management solutions from VIMS Com. is the Digest of the head in the form of a mobile application and / or web interface.

The strategic digest allows company executives, heads of departments and heads of departments to receive absolutely all the necessary information about the situation in the company, in real time.

The digest is connected to all information systems of the company and translates the received, already processed data and reporting into a user-friendly interface designed specifically for you.



The digest is integrated into such systems as:



Interaction with the Digest can increase the effectiveness of strategic management and control of even the most remote business processes of the company.


Solving company control problems

The Strategic Digest was developed to solve the problem of informing the company's management about the current situation in all necessary areas of activity in order to improve the efficiency of operational management.

Interaction with the digest saves the manager’s time and allows you to independently receive data about the company for any period of time:

Control: sales, finance, purchases, equipment, transport, products, warehouse, availability, balances, personnel, managers, marketing, advertising, AHO and much more.

Automatic management reporting integrated into your application!



Implementation of the Digest in the company

Digest from VIMS Com. is not a ready-made solution, it is an individual development especially for you and your company.

A strategic digest for managing a company is a mobile application and / or a web interface associated with a logical data processing unit from any company information sources (from accounting systems to equipment, etc.)

The task of the digest is total control of all elements of the company.

All reporting, tracking, monitoring, thresholds and data sources are integrated into the application and configured individually for each customer company.

The digest interface, logical core and integrations are developed individually for the tasks of the customer company.

After developing the MVP version of the digest, you can expand the product for any of your tasks, add new services, filters, and notifications.



An example of the composition of information in the Digest, in the following areas:

General information about the company



Sales Managers


Marketing and Advertising


Equipment and production


Warehouse and storage



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