Bitrix24: implementation, configuration, expansion and support

Bitrix24 is an online system or a boxed version of a system for comprehensive business management and support of all business processes of your company. Bitrix24 is a single workspace for all employees and departments of the company, allows you to manage sales, projects and business processes.

Bitrix24 services from VIMS Com.

We will carry out a full range of works on the implementation and adaptation of the Bitrix24 online system into the business processes of your company.

We will help you choose between a cloud and boxed solution, issue rights and a license, implement, configure, add employees, set rights, and automate all the necessary business processes within Bitrix24.

We work with Bitrix24 in cloud, boxed and Enterprise versions.



Selection and implementation of Bitrix24:

  • select the version of Bitrix24 for the tasks of the company;
  • share the experience of implementing and using Bitrix24;
  • calculate the cost of implementing Bitrix24 based on the functional requirements of the customer company;
  • we will offer several relevant options for cost and implementation;
  • we will develop documentation and terms of reference for the implementation and expansion of Bitrix24;
  • we will help you register Bitrix24.


Setting up, implementing and expanding Bitrix24

The following functionality is not the only possible option for adding and expanding Bitrix24. If you have a request that does not fall under any of the above items, then we suggest considering its implementation in an individual format | +7-495-288-82-93

  • implement and configure Bitrix24;
  • implement a corporate portal;
  • set up the process of joint work of employees and internal communication;
  • set up the process of support and sales management;
  • set up CRM for sales management;
  • set up automatic filling of fields in CRM;
  • set up the process of managing tasks and projects;
  • set up the process of storing documentation and file exchange;
  • we automate the business processes of the company;
  • we will implement an HR portal for personnel management;
  • connect to ActiveDirectory;
  • we will develop the necessary integrations with external systems;
  • we implement integration with 1C;
  • connect telephony;
  • connect payment services;
  • connect social networks;
  • connect messengers;
  • connect SMS-mailings;
  • connect delivery services;
  • connect Yandex.Direct;
  • connect the signature;
  • set up the knowledge base in Bitrix24;
  • we implement an online store + CRM.


Bitrix24 support

We offer comprehensive support for all versions of Bitrix24.
As part of Bitrix24 support in VIMS Com. you can choose not only package support and one-time works, but also create the necessary individual support package.


Bitrix24 implementation cost

The cost of implementation is determined on the basis of an individual calculation.
For a preliminary calculation, send us a request with brief information | +7-495-288-82-93



Individual development and implementation of CRM systems

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