Interaction with target audience

We will develop a scenario and a set of measures aimed at building and developing interaction with customers in order to create a trusting relationship with a brand, company, web and eCommerce project, increase loyalty, increase sales and increase market share.

  • we will conduct research;
  • analyze and adjust the company's policy;
  • analyze and adjust the marketing strategy of the company;
  • segment customers and audience into groups;
  • we will develop scenarios for interaction with each client group;
  • we will develop, implement and promote communication channels;
  • develop and implement gamification scenarios;
  • we will combine communication channels and build an omnichannel process of interaction with the audience;
  • we will develop and implement feedback systems from the target audience;
  • we will develop and implement bonus and marketing systems;
  • we will introduce technologies in the process of interaction with client groups and the target audience;
  • we will develop the image of the company;
  • We will develop segmented advertising campaigns.


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