Favorable offer for trade and business centers from IT-company VIMS Com!

Good afternoon, dear management companies and landlords!

Especially for you, your partners and tenants, we have developed unique conditions for loyal partner service in the IT field.



We are pleased to offer to you,
to all your partners and tenants
20% discount on all services of IT-company VIMS Com.,

  • development of software and software solutions;
  • development of websites and eCommerce projects;
  • development of B2B portals;
  • development of web applications;
  • development and implementation of CRM-systems;
  • implementation of Bitrix24;
  • automation of business processes;
  • selection and implementation of 1C;
  • site support;
  • 1C support (all editions);
  • IT infrastructure support;
  • software import substitution;
  • and much more!

A complete list of services can be found on our website.



Best regards, VIMS Com team.

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