Digitalization of manufacturing enterprises

We design, develop and implement digital and software technologies in the work and business processes of manufacturing enterprises of any format.

We will implement ready-made packaged solutions or develop a personal custom software package specifically for the tasks of your company and production.


Work model

  1. study the enterprise;
  2. analyze needs;
  3. analyze the existing technological infrastructure;
  4. formulate business requirements;
  5. we will develop a technical task;
  6. prepare IT;
  7. we will develop a software package;
  8. we will develop all necessary integrations;
  9. we will carry out testing;
  10. implement software;
  11. train employees;
  12. support;
  13. we will offer current development options.



Directions of digitalization of manufacturing enterprises

  • 1C.
  • We automate accounting.
  • We automate business processes (BPM, BPM, BPMS)
  • We will develop and implement systems for monitoring equipment and business processes (including equipment without CNC), SCADA, SoftLogic.
  • We will develop and implement systems for management and operational monitoring of production, warehouse, procurement, finance, employees and other elements of the company.
  • We will develop and implement enterprise management systems and ERP.
  • We will develop and implement digital twins and virtual copies of the enterprise.
  • We will develop and implement sales management systems for production and communication with corporate clients (CRM and B2B portals).
  • We will develop and implement warehouse and logistics software systems.
  • We will develop and implement calculators for production and sales departments.
  • We implement and maintain the IT infrastructure of the enterprise.


Additional services

Комплексная разработкаАвтоматизация бизнес-процессов BPMS / Разработка ERP-систем / B2B-порталы

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