VIMS.Teach training system

Launch, supervise, and certify a distance learning process.

Training. The control. Certification.

An innovative multimedia platform for distance learning and monitoring of learning groups with the further issuance of a confirmed certificate of conformity.

  • Training companies;
  • Training and rehearsal centers;
  • Business training;
  • Banks and leasing;
  • HoReCa;
  • Retail;
  • Medical centers;
  • Production.

The VIMS.Teach system was created for distance learning and monitoring of learning groups for compliance with the knowledge of the course passed.

The platform allows you to create any training courses with testing for each topic passed, evaluate only the real knowledge of the student with further certification.

How VIMS.Teach works

  1. The teaching process is laid out by the teacher for the required number of lessons, course topics are formed, at the end of each topic, the student takes a test.
  2. All topics, except for the first one, are in the blocked status until a positive test score is received. During the test on a topic, the topic of the test is blocked. Time to take the test is limited.
  3. If the test is passed, the student moves on to the next topic. Negative test score, returns the student to the repetition of the topic.
  4. At the end of the training, the student takes the final test, which includes questions from all the topics passed.
  5. Based on the results of the last test, the trainee receives an electronic certificate of compliance with the course passed.


  • Clear control of the educational process.
  • Applicants for the full training course and abbreviated express courses.
  • Mobility. The ability to learn from all types of electronic devices: tablets, phones, computers.
  • The history of training for each applicant.
  • Printing of certificates.
  • Several teachers.
  • Customization of any processes and functions for each client.

Developer: VIMS Communication



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