1C: design, implementation, maintenance and development

We offer a full range of work with 1C: analysis of business requirements, selection, design, implementation, expansion and maintenance.

We will design and implement integrated solutions based on 1C to improve the efficiency of your company's business processes, as well as create a trouble-free accounting, analysis and management system.

We carry out a full range of works with all editions of 1C software products.


Services for 1C from VIMS

  • development of technical specifications and documentation for work with 1C;
  • implementation of 1C;
  • expansion of the functional part;
  • development in 1C;
  • improvement of software products;
  • installation 1C;
  • 1C update;
  • 1C support;
  • setting 1C;
  • acceleration 1C;
  • synchronization of 1C systems;
  • development of software layers between 1C and SAP;
  • data transfer to 1C;
  • remote service 1C;
  • organization of remote jobs;
  • QR codes and Fast Payment System (FPS);
  • connection of KKS;
  • selection and configuration of the server for 1C;
  • implementation of EGAIS;
  • implementation of CRM;
  • development and maintenance of sites on 1C Bitrix;
  • creation of downloads and integrations between 1C and the site;
  • information technology support.


  • We will transfer the company from SAP to 1C.
  • Let's create layers for two-way exchange between SAP and 1C.
  • We will develop a two-way exchange and integration between the online store and 1C.


Stages of implementation of 1C from VIMS

  • individual analysis of the request, functional and business requirements;
  • infrastructure analysis;
  • selection and consulting on software products from 1C;
  • development of technical specifications and documentation for implementation;
  • implementation of 1C;
  • update;
  • development of all necessary integrations and layers between 1C and other IS;
  • testing;
  • implementation of extensions;
  • employee training;
  • advice and support.


The cost of services 1C

The cost of implementing and maintaining 1C is calculated individually for each company.


We work with all 1C products

  • 1C:Enterprise
  • 1C: Accounting, versions KORP, PROF, basic
  • 1C: Simplified
  • 1C:Entrepreneur
  • 1C: Salary and personnel management, KORP and PROF versions
  • 1C: Trade management
  • 1C: Retail
  • 1C: Holding Management
  • 1C:ERP Enterprise Management 2.0
  • 1C: Enterprise. Manufacturing plant management
  • 1C: Integrated automation
  • 1C: Document management, KORP and PROF versions
  • 1C: Consolidation
  • 1C: Managing our company
  • 1С:Taxpayer
  • 1C: Entrepreneur reporting
  • 1C: Payment documents
  • 1C: Accounting department of a state institution
  • 1C: Clothing allowance
  • 1C: Salary and personnel of a state institution
  • 1C: Set of reports
  • 1C: Budget reporting
  • 1C: Document management of a state institution
  • 1C: State and municipal procurement
  • 1C: Settlement budget
  • 1C: The budget of the municipality
  • 1C:Money
  • 1C: E-learning
  • 1С:Enterprise 8 + MS SQL Server 2019
  • 1С:Enterprise 8.2 + DB2 v9.x
  • 1C:Enterprise 8.2 + Oracle Database


VIMS — Reviews




Implementation and refinement of 1C for the client's business processes.

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