About VIMS Communication

Briefly about us

We are engaged in the design, development and implementation of technological software solutions for business.

Business process automation, BPMS, CRM, ERP, 1C, software, marketing systems, business control and analytics systems, digital twins, IoT, SCADA, training systems, integrations, applications, B2B portals, websites, eCommerce.


History of creation and value

Our company was established in 2010 by specialists from the oil and gas, banking, IT and marketing sectors.

By creating VIMS, we wanted to build a truly strong and experienced IT company capable of solving any software problem of our clients, with a high level of service, extensive communication, and most importantly, aimed at long-term, promising, reliable and mutually beneficial cooperation.

We at VIMS understand you and know the problems that you have to face at the stage of designing, developing or implementing software products into the company's business processes, so we try to give you the most complete information, offer several solutions to the problem at once, professionally advise on risks and prospects, develop a product, as well as support and support 24/7.

Today, our offices are located in two cities at once — Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod, and our clients are located all over the world.


The energy of your business ⚡️

The name "VIMS" is an abbreviation of the full name in Russian "High-tech Information and Marketing Systems", and the transliteration in English, used in writing the brand "VIMS", literally translates as "energy".

The degree of "Communication" (Communication), in which the name "VIMS" is raised refers to the fact that all our solutions and developments pursue the most important and, in fact, the main task of the business — increasing profits through high-quality and fast communication between you and your customers.


Technological solutions for B2B and B2C

Since 2010, we have been engaged in marketing, software development and consulting, bringing together dozens of talented marketers, developers, business analysts, database specialists, integration and implementation experts, and many other professionals in our field within the company.

Today our company has a corporate stack of the level of Enterprice, which allows us to successfully solve the most complex, important and non-standard business problems, developing and combining dozens of information systems into a first-class product that is created for the development of your business.


The role of marketing in our work

Marketing is one of the main directions of VIMS.

We consider marketing not as an advertising tool, but as a tool for the company to meet market requirements and high standards of customer interaction.

We are constantly developing and gaining new knowledge in the field of marketing, not only through classical training, seminars and conferences (which is natural), but also in practice, cooperating with hundreds of companies in various fields, structures, approaches, products and directions. This approach allows us to receive not general highly specialized training, but comprehensive knowledge about markets, companies and technologies that are actually used in Russia, Europe and America.

By researching the work of your company, your structure, your business objectives and your competitors, we can offer you a unique software product that will give you a real competitive advantage, open up new horizons for growth, and allow you to become a leader in your industry.

“If you’re competitor-focused, you have to wait until there is a competitor doing something.
Being customer-focused allows you to be more pioneering."
Jeff Bezos (AMAZON)

Working with us, you will become faster, more accurate and more consistent in your work, which means you will be able to attract new customers, improve work with existing ones and increase the company's profit.


VIMS Analytics

VIMS Analytics is the analytical department of VIMS.

As part of this area, we are engaged in business analytics, statistics, the study of marketing, development technologies, as well as sales technologies.

The data and conclusions obtained during the work of our analytical department allow us to prepare the correct architecture of the project, determine the required technology stack, marketing approach, as well as the timing and cost of implementation.

We apply an analytical approach to each project in order not to assume how to implement your task, but to actually know.


How our work is structured


  1. We receive an application, study and delve into the subject of the appeal;
  2. Together with you we discuss problems, tasks, company structure, development nuances and corporate restrictions;
  3. We study the internal and external infrastructure of the company, marketing and conjunction;
  4. We offer a solution and project architecture;
  5. We prepare business analytics and terms of reference;
  6. We implement the logic and software part of the project;
  7. We test and adjust together;
  8. We integrate and train;
  9. We release to production;
  10. We support.

Suppose that you have a non-standard business task to automate a process or the whole company, at the analysis stage you can come to the conclusion that since there are no ready-made standard solutions, it means that this is impossible, but we are firmly convinced that it is possible!

We segment a complex task into components and smaller modules, build the project architecture, define dependencies and necessary technologies so that even the most unrealistic and fantastic idea becomes possible.

To date, we have implemented more than 300 corporate projects in various areas of business, we develop software products that have no analogues.


VIMS — Technological solutions for business.

Regards, VIMS

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