Technical support of the site, why is it needed? Problems and solutions!
We consider the reasons for the lack of technical support on the sites and offer options for a professional solution.
SAP replacement options in Russia
SAP joined the sanctions and completely stopped business in Russia and Belarus. We are considering the situation and options for replacing software from SAP.
Parsing. Parsers. Development of parsing systems.
Information on parsing, parsers and parsing systems.
Development of an online store for an eCommerce project
We consider marketing, the role of an online store, the beginning of development, functionality, external services, the structure of an online store, the architecture of an eCommerce project, design, store management systems, and much more.
Leader's digest. An application for the strategic management of a company.
Software solution from VIMS Com. for operational and strategic management of the company. 100% result!
Software automation of business and business processes: 10 steps for successful implementation
Material listing 10 main stages of automation implementation, from customer request analysis to development.
Modern approach to development in VIMS Com.
“How do you manage to work with such different companies, because everyone has their own specifics and you need to understand it well when preparing a project?”.
Custom development and business development without limits
Material about the possibilities of custom development for the development of the company by introducing control into business processes. + An example of controlling the sales department and managers.
What is business process automation?
A large article is devoted to software automation of business processes of enterprises. Theoretical part and 10 real examples of BPM.
A boxed solution or custom development, what to choose?
We understand the features of software solutions for automating business and business processes.
Development of automation in COVID-19
Report on completed projects for 2020-2022 at VIMS Communication. Works within the framework of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Franchising problem
Description and solution of the problem of finding and renting retail space.
General data on E-commerce
We publish a summary of statistical data obtained in the course of working with e-commerce projects for 2020.