Data collection systems, data processing systems, data parsing: design, development, implementation

We design, develop and implement systems for collecting, analyzing and processing data from all types of information sources:

  • sites;
  • online resources and services;
  • API;
  • Database;
  • accounting systems;
  • Information Systems.

We process data

  • Aggregation and normalization of data;
  • Data processing and transformation;
  • Filling information systems with data;
  • Implementation of notification systems according to the specified parameters and criteria for changes or data content;
  • Data visualization.


Parser development

We develop simple and complex parsers, as well as automatic data processing and classification systems.

  • We collect data, analyze, process and upload to websites and other information systems. Any sources.
  • We develop decision-making systems based on data analysis.
  • We develop systems for monitoring the dynamics of competitors, products and prices based on parsing systems.
  • We develop eCommerce and web project management systems based on data received from competitors: pricing policy, assortment, promotions, discounts, frequency of purchases, traffic, etc.
  • We develop data visualization and classification systems.



We are also developing

All software systems and automation are developed personally for the client company and have no analogues on the market.

The high efficiency of integrated solutions is evident from the first day of operation.






Cooperation with VIMS is

  • client-oriented approach;
  • development without restrictions;
  • wide stack of technologies;
  • extensive experience in the development and implementation of complex software products;
  • expertise in various industries;
  • reliability.
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