Development of a marketing concept for websites, services, web and eCommerce projects.

We will develop an effective marketing concept for your websites, services, internal corporate systems, web and eCommerce projects, taking into account the company's business processes and the required economic model.

  • we will analyze business processes;
  • analyze competitors and similar concepts;
  • we will develop a personal and effective concept of the project;
  • we will develop the project architecture;
  • we will select a stack of relevant technologies for the implementation of the project;
  • develop a sequence of stages, versions and services;
  • we will develop a scenario for user interaction with services, websites, internal corporate systems and interfaces;
  • we will develop an online sales scenario;
  • we will develop a scenario for selling additional goods and services, as well as analogues from the company's catalogs;
  • we will develop a monetization project for the service;
  • we will develop a project for integration into external services (mailings, statistics, online payment, and much more);
  • we will develop a project for integration and exchange with accounting systems (1C, SAP, My Warehouse);
  • we will select an accounting system depending on the tasks of the company;
  • we will develop a scheme of personnel investments in the project with the division of areas of responsibility and a pool of tasks for each specialist;
  • we will develop a project of advertising and promotion of the resource.


Why do you need a project concept?

The concept of the project allows you to create a first-class product, eliminating possible errors, hypotheses and uncertainties in the architecture, accounting, development process and further resource management.

A clear model of online sales of basic and additional products, alternatives and overall monetization of the project, as well as development costs, will enable our client to predict the economic efficiency of investments in the launch of the project.

The developed concept of the project will allow you to immediately proceed to effective development without loss of time, quality of development and additional investments.

The concept of the project is a guarantee of the uniqueness, reliability and development of your resource without commercial and technical restrictions.


Benefits of a prepared project concept

  • the correct architecture of the project, excluding errors in construction, taking into account the accounting systems and business requirements of the company;
  • effective sales and monetization model;
  • predicted result from the launch from the first version;
  • clear sequence of implementation stages;
  • integration of the project only with working services;
  • saving the company's money;
  • no additional and unplanned investments;
  • saving time.


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