Marketing research: environment, segments, competitors, markets

We will conduct a full range of marketing research for your brand, product, service, offline and online business (B2B and B2C).

  • company entry to the market;
  • entering new and foreign markets;
  • launching a new brand, product, service, service;
  • bringing the company to the Internet;
  • development of software solutions and services;
  • research of free niches;
  • volume and growth rates;
  • forecast of market indicators;
  • shares of manufacturers and brands;
  • competitors;
  • sales;
  • range;
  • prices of competitors and RRP;
  • discount system;
  • activity;
  • market development;
  • company forecasting;
  • comparative characteristics;
  • building a consumption model;
  • study of consumption;
  • identification of barriers and incentives to consumption;
  • development of the concept of a brand, product, service, service;
  • optimization of the brand, product, service, service;
  • studying the perception of a brand, product, service, service among consumers, suppliers and competitors;
  • consumer and audience research;
  • study of distributors and dealers;
  • determination of sales and purchase volumes of distributors and dealers;
  • performance evaluation;
  • brand, product, service, service analysis;
  • analysis of communication channels;
  • company image analysis;
  • analysis of the acquisition decision-making process and the factors influencing it
  • advertising analysis;
  • advertising concept development.

When collecting data and forming marketing research, we use the entire possible pool of information and statistical sources.

The results of marketing research become the basis for the implementation and development of many eCommerce and web projects.


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