Development of online and offline calculators for websites and web projects to order

We develop simple and multi-component calculators of any complexity for your websites, web and intra-corporate projects according to individual terms of reference.

We develop client and corporate settlement systems and services, calculation automation.


Calculators from VIMS can be integrated into all elements of the company's infrastructure:

  • websites and web services;
  • mobile applications;
  • CRM
  • ERP;
  • 1C and other accounting systems;
  • partner networks.


We will develop and implement calculators for:

  • production;
  • construction;
  • trade;
  • logistics and warehouse;
  • medicine;
  • services;
  • managers and sales department;
  • control automation.


Benefits of calculators from VIMS:

  • efficiency and accuracy of calculation;
  • the calculation model is based on the individual parameters and formulas of the client;
  • the architecture of the calculator is selected and built on the basis of the customer's infrastructure;
  • individual development, no resale of copies;
  • we develop calculators with integration into 1C and other accounting systems;
  • we develop calculators with manual change of parameters and coefficients;
  • clear interface and calculation sequence for employees and customers;
  • copy protection;
  • integration of calculators into all customer systems.


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