Digital twins: design, development and implementation

We will design, develop and implement digital twins of physical objects, enterprises, equipment, economy and business.

  • We will develop a system for modeling, simulating situations and testing hypotheses, taking into account internal and external factors, correlations and historical data.
  • We will develop a data collection and integration system with all the necessary software environments and equipment.
  • We will develop all the necessary interfaces for monitoring, managing and modeling situations.
  • We will develop a project for the implementation of digital twins in business.


The composition of the development project

  • we will work out and prepare a project at the request of the customer;
  • prepare a functional task;
  • we will develop the terms of reference and all the necessary documentation;
  • install and configure the it-infrastructure of the project;
  • we will develop all the necessary integrations with equipment and services;
  • develop interfaces and monitoring;
  • develop and test;
  • prepare instructions;
  • support at all stages;
  • offer development options.







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