PIM systems: design, development and implementation

We design, develop and implement PIM systems (centralized information management systems for web and eCommerce projects) of any complexity, individually for your business (B2B and B2C).

PIM systems — Product information management system

We will build the project architecture and develop all the necessary integrations and data import between PIM, internal corporate systems and suppliers.

We will transfer commercial and product information to the PIM system.

We will develop a system for monitoring and classifying data.

We will build a chain of interaction between departments and suppliers to correct and replenish basic and additional information about goods.

  • hierarchy;
  • category;
  • basic information about goods and products;
  • technical information and description;
  • photo and video files;
  • price;
  • delivery and logistics;
  • files and add-ons;
  • marketing data;
  • information localization (language versions);
  • production information;
  • certification.

We will develop an export mechanism for each platform: a website, a B2B portal, an affiliate network, marketplaces, social networks.


The result of the implementation of the PIM system from VIMS Com.

  • automation of the process of information output to the sites;
  • simple expansion of sales channels;
  • convenient construction of the directory structure;
  • storage and processing of large amounts of data;
  • reduction of time spent on managing and processing information;
  • reduction of financial costs for information management and processing;
  • acceleration of marketing processes;
  • improving the quality of the information provided;
  • centralized distribution of information between distribution channels;
  • information management in one system (without switching between systems);
  • reporting.







Cooperation with VIMS is

  • client-oriented approach;
  • development without restrictions;
  • wide stack of technologies;
  • extensive experience in the development and implementation of complex software products;
  • expertise in various industries;
  • reliability.


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