Big Data: design, implementation, maintenance

We carry out a full range of implementation and work with Big Data:

  • We collect and structure data from all types of sources: 1C, AXAPTA, SAP, ORACLE, SQL, CRM, websites, web, competitors, equipment, sensors.
  • We implement all the necessary infrastructure for Big Data.
  • Optimizing database architecture.
  • We replenish and store data.
  • We visualize, systematize and process data, develop dashboards.
  • Data analysis and analytics, building forecasts, hypotheses and conclusions based on Big Data.
  • Preparing companies and businesses to work with Big Data, integrating Big Data into the company's business processes.
  • Building management, control, sales, marketing and eCommerce processes based on Big Data.

Implementing Big Data in:

  • industrial enterprises;
  • retail and sales;
  • banks and financial companies;
  • the medicine;
  • marketing and audience management.



We are also developing

All software systems and automation are developed personally for the client company and have no analogues on the market.

The high efficiency of integrated solutions is evident from the first day of operation.






Cooperation with VIMS is

  • client-oriented approach;
  • development without restrictions;
  • wide stack of technologies;
  • extensive experience in the development and implementation of complex software products;
  • expertise in various industries;
  • reliability.
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