Integrated development of software and web solutions

We carry out complex development of unique software and web solutions of any complexity individually for your business (B2B and B2C).

The integrated development service is a solution to the business problem of our clients at all stages of the project, from request processing to software product implementation, in one window.

  • Let's process the request.
  • Determine the functional and business requirements of the product.
  • We will develop the architecture of the project.
  • We will develop a technical task.
  • We will prepare and configure the IT infrastructure.
  • We develop and test the product.
  • We will develop all the necessary integrations, link the software product with IS and 1C.
  • Implement in the company and train employees.
  • We will offer options for development and competitive advantage.


We will create for you

CRM, ERP, websites, online stores, web solutions, B2B portals and back office, parsers, analytics systems, training systems, integrations, 1C, business and business process automation (BPA, BPMS), digital twins, Internet things, BigData and more.



Cooperation with VIMS is

  • client-oriented approach;
  • wide stack of technologies;
  • extensive experience in the development and implementation of complex software products;
  • expertise in various industries;
  • reliability.
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