Marketing services from VIMS

We provide a full range of marketing services to develop your business online and offline (B2B and B2C).

  • determine the competitive advantages of the product and brand;
  • build an effective marketing strategy;
  • increase offline and online sales;
  • we will develop a strategy for online and offline promotion of the company, products and brand;
  • we will introduce marketing into the company's activities;
  • bring new products and brands to the market;
  • we will build an omnichannel chain of interaction with the client through the company's services;
  • we will advise on your company's eCommerce projects: investments, technologies, architecture, profitability, risks, budget for development and advertising;
  • we will develop a strategy and advise on the promotion of eCommerce projects;
  • we position the company, brand, products, services;
  • we will conduct design and industry research;
  • we will carry out testing of hypotheses;
  • we will develop software solutions for interacting with the audience;
  • we will develop software solutions for collecting and processing customer data and Big Data;
  • we will develop and implement websites, online stores, B2B portals;
  • we will develop and implement CRM and BPM systems;
  • we will develop rating and control systems for employees and sales managers, incl. based on telephony;
  • develop and implement employee training systems;
  • we introduce technologies into marketing processes.



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