Development of software and web solutions from VIMS Com.

We carry out a full range of development of software and web solutions of any complexity individually for your business (B2B and B2C).

We will design, develop and implement: CRM, ERP, websites, online stores, web solutions, B2B portals and back office, parsers, analytics systems, training systems, integrations, 1C, business process automation (BPMS), big data.

VIMS Communication — fullstack development and implementation.


Development directions

Integrated development


Digitalization of manufacturing enterprises

Digital twins

Internet of Things

Business process automation / BPMS



PIM Systems

B2B Portals

SCADA / SoftLogic

Big Data

Integration and data exchange

Data collection and processing systems

Data analysis and analytics

Analytics systems

Marketing systems





Mobile applications

Gift certificates



The composition of the development project

  1. we will work out and prepare a project at the request of the customer;
  2. we will develop the terms of reference and all the necessary documentation;
  3. set up the it-infrastructure of the project;
  4. we will develop an interface design;
  5. develop and test a software product;
  6. we will develop all the necessary integrations with internal and external services;
  7. we will introduce and transfer employees to work with new software and web;
  8. prepare instructions;
  9. support at all stages of independent work;
  10. offer development options.


Additional features

  • we will develop a technical task based on a functional task from the customer;
  • we adapt and refine existing software and web-solutions;
  • we adapt and finalize ready-made box and cloud CRMs (1C, Bitrix 24, AMO CRM, retailCRM, etc.);
  • work with non-standard functionality;
  • prepare it-infrastructure.
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