Business process automation / Business Process Management Software

We offer comprehensive and consistent software automation of internal and external business processes of the company in order to improve the quality of management and control:

  • Finance, control, distribution of funds, accounting;
  • Sales and Financial Performance;
  • E-commerce;
  • Omnichannel;
  • Competitors, monitoring, updating prices (RRP);
  • Purchases;
  • Logistics, delivery, fulfillment;
  • Warehouse and storage;
  • Personnel, departments, divisions;
  • Affiliate networks and interaction;
  • Document flow;
  • Manufacturing, equipment, machine tools.

Automation of business processes successfully solves the following tasks: accelerating the work of the company, systematization, transparency, increasing the efficiency of operational management, improving the quality of service.

We also develop:

All software systems and automation are developed personally for the customer company and have no analogues on the market.

The high efficiency of integrated solutions is evident from the first day of operation.

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