Project control system VIMS.Control

You no longer need to surf mail, search a list of tasks and go through hundreds of files in search of up-to-date information, control the process of launching a project using the VIMS.Control system.

Interaction. Organization. The control.

A flexible automated solution for companies whose activities are related to the launch of new projects and representative offices.

  • Franchising;
  • Restaurants, cafes, hotels (HoReCa);
  • Retail;
  • Medical centers;
  • Production;
  • Construction and design companies;
  • Office and warehouse complexes;
  • Landlords;
  • etc.

The VIMS.Control system was created for control, operational management of the project and communication between its participants.

The solution allows you to monitor the entire project and the work of each individual specialist at any time, completely eliminating deadlines, misunderstanding of areas of responsibility and budget.

How VIMS.Control works

  1. The process of launching a project is decomposed into the required number of components, with the appointment of responsible executors for each type and type of work, forming the overall economy, stages, project terms and a contact card.
  2. The pool of approved tasks is formed into blocks of sections with an indication of specific terms of "start / delivery" of work and the economy. For example: visualization, marketing, advertising, purchase, equipment installation, repair, coordination with the administration, warehouse loading and any other processes.
  3. Based on the results of the formation of the list of tasks, all performers involved in the project receive an e-mail notification with a personal list of tasks.
  4. Upon completion of the task, the performer declares the readiness of the work, all project participants receive a notification of the completion. The project manager can accept the work, or return it for adjustments and clarifications.
  5. The result of the work appears in the public domain.


  • Absolute understanding of the stages of implementation, timing and financial investments by investors and company management in the project.
  • Visualization of the process of opening all points at once in percentage "completed / in progress" on the system start screen.
  • Absolute understanding of the participants in the process of the entire work plan and sequence chain.
  • An up-to-date map of all contacts and communications of the project: customers, customer representatives, contractors, employees.
  • Internal chat for each task: simple communication between the project manager and the person in charge.
  • Notifying all participants about the end of one of the processes.
  • Storage of all necessary data, documents and materials within the project.
  • Safe solution for remote work.
  • Mobility. The ability to work with all types of electronic devices: tablets, phones, computers.
  • Customization of any processes and functions for each client.

Developer: VIMS Communication

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