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Why VIMS Communication

Each of our work is based on a project study, which allows us to qualitatively implement any scenario.

The high efficiency of our work on design, integration and development is based on a qualitative analysis of the information environment, a comprehensive definition of goals, objectives, results and the amount of required investments.

We guarantee the quality of work with our own name.


What is VIMS Analytics?

VIMS Analytics is the analytical department of our company engaged in the preparation of pre-project, design (approach, technology stack, methodology, marketing and much more) and architectural data for each of our clients.

It is possible to implement a project qualitatively only due to a total understanding and detailing of the situation, client's needs, trend and demand.



In our work, we use the most advanced and relevant technologies suitable for a specific project to achieve the goals and objectives.


Technology stack

We are pleased to provide our clients with the widest technology stack that allows us to translate any idea into a clear tool for achieving business goals.


How can you cooperate if I'm not in Moscow?

If your office is located in another city where there are no physical representative offices of our company, then we can start cooperation remotely.

Remote work is carried out in almost the same way as work in the usual mode and is absolutely not an obstacle to the implementation of even complex web, IT, advertising or marketing projects.

For each client, we deploy a convenient internal communication system (virtual office), which includes navigation through the company, chats, file sharing, commenting, sketching, architecture building service, track-desk and project roadmap.

Additionally, each project is supervised by a manager or a group of managers who are ready to help at any time.

When entering a complex project with a lot of dependencies and technologies, we are ready to send our representative to you.

Today our clients are located in more than 50 cities in Russia with different time zones, as well as in America, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Turkey and Kazakhstan. 


Confidentiality Agreement - NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)

In reputation projects, we do not disclose the name of the brand, product and legal entities in connection with the confidentiality agreement between VIMS Communication and the client.

Building brand reputation is a closed process that requires confidentiality.

The portfolio contains the general technology of working with the project, marked with the logo of our company.


Companies we do not cooperate with

We do not work with tobacco companies, the fur industry, or religious organizations.


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