ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning): design, development, implementation

We design, develop and implement ERP systems of any complexity, individually for your business
(B2B and B2C).

We develop and implement ERP systems with full integration into the company's business processes, management, finance, sales, production, equipment, warehouse, logistics, personnel, communication, 1C, SAP and much more.

Individual development and implementation of ERP at all stages.



The composition of the ERP system development project

  • we will work out and prepare an ERP project at the request of the client;
  • prepare a functional task;
  • we will develop the terms of reference and all the necessary documentation;
  • install and configure the it-infrastructure of the project;
  • we will develop all the necessary integrations with equipment and services;
  • we will develop a corporate and understandable interface for the ERP system;
  • develop and test ERP;
  • implement ERP;
  • prepare instructions;
  • support at all stages;
  • offer development options.


Implementation of boxed CRM systems in VIMS






Cooperation with VIMS is

  • client-oriented approach;
  • development without restrictions;
  • wide stack of technologies;
  • extensive experience in the development and implementation of complex software products;
  • expertise in various industries;
  • reliability.
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