Intra-corporate portal to control openings for the franchise chain

An internal corporate system for monitoring, maintaining and launching new bakeries, cafes and restaurants has been developed.

The system allows you to turn the opening of a new cafe or restaurant (any new point) into an obvious and consistent process with the involvement of each individual participant, the whole department and a third-party company.

A common problem

Running a project with a large number of performers, stages and sequences, without any approved communication system, presupposes problems for performers and project managers associated with a lack of information, misunderstanding of stages, deadlines, stages, dependencies between specialists, departments and other companies.

Lack of understanding of work processes, areas of responsibility, deadlines and any other components of the opening process leads to a delay in the implementation of the project, which in turn delays the opening until the problem is solved and, as a result, leads to an increase in the cost of the project due to rent, the need for an accelerated delivery of equipment, logistics , storage and other vital stages, the cost of which is directly related to time and efficiency.

An example of a problem

The opening of a new cafe is a sequential process, in which dozens of different specialists are involved, from designers and logisticians to electricians and marketing specialists.

Suppose that the architect created a design project for one of the new points, but in the general flow of work and incoming information did not transfer the details of the project to the builders (or the builders did not receive it or did not see it in the mail), in this case, the project may drag on indefinitely until the manager will not personally ask the architect about the problem of the delay, having received a signal from the assembly team, which is concerned about the timing of the delivery of the premises.

A similar situation is familiar to representatives of any departments of many companies, the accounting department does not issue invoices without a contract, which hangs with lawyers, electricians do not proceed with installation without receiving confirmation from the chief engineer, marketers do not know when the point will actually be launched in order to move on to the advertising issue, and the operational department will not have time to train the personnel by the appointed time, due to the fact that the personnel department did not start looking for specialists due to a lack of understanding of the timing.

There can be several thousand similar situations and variations, from just “forgot” to the banal “no one told me”, so we have developed a unique project management system applicable to any type of business that requires control and understanding of the process, deadlines and sequences - construction, catering and restaurants, web projects, logistics and much more.

In general, the launch and opening of any project is a dependent and sequential process, the timing of which is directly related to the investment.

Solution to the problem

We have created a track-system of projects that allows us to turn the opening of a new establishment into a sequential linear process, with the appointment of a responsible person for each type of work, with the definition of the necessary sequences and dependencies by the project manager.

The main task of the project management system from VIMS is to turn the team taking part in the project into a single and well-coordinated mechanism.

How the project management and control system from VIMS Communication works

The project manager decomposes the launch process into any number of necessary elements, for example:

The system allows you to simultaneously maintain and control any number of projects and create absolutely any work in each project.

  1. For each process of the project, the manager appoints an executor who is responsible for completing his stage.
  2. The project manager specifies the deadlines for each stage, thereby creating the architecture and track map of the project.
  3. The project manager determines the dependence of specialists, departments and companies on each other.
  4. The project manager indicates the approximate cost of each separately taken stage of work, which forms an approximate project budget.
  5. At the end of the work, the project manager indicates the actual cost of each separately taken stage of work, which forms the actual budget invested in the project (this approach allows companies to maintain statistical information on the cost of opening a project, giving new partners a more accurate implementation price)
  6. All performers involved in the project are notified of the work assigned to them, indicating the start and finalization dates of the work.
  7. If the contractor did not start the project at the appointed time, the manager receives a notification that work has not started.
  8. At the end of the work by each individual specialist or department, the manager and the next specialist dependent on the performer receive notifications about the finalization of the work for each completed element.
  9. Performers cannot change the timing and cost, this function is available only to the project manager.

Additional functionality

From the developer / VIMS Communication

This system is used in the field of restaurant business and catering, but we, as a developer, can reorient the portal specifically for your business and train employees to work with the portal.

The system is based on VIMS.Control


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