Mobile application development Cinnabon Russia

A mobile application-designer Cinnabon Russia has been developed for the Cinnabon café-bakery chain, which allows the brand to independently manage the functionality, modules, design and content of the application for better communication with the target audience.

The content part of the application is linked to the company's website, which makes it possible not to enter up-to-date information on products and promotions in several sites (website and mobile application), the application automatically broadcasts the information update, additionally, it is possible to manually configure the functional and content part by the marketing department of the company.

The Cinnabon Russia application has direct integration into several of its own online ordering services, and also stores direct links to any delivery operators for each specific point (Yandex.Delivery, Dellivery Club, etc.) allowing the user to create an order for delivery to " convenient "cafe-bakery, with the possibility of self-selection on the map or on the basis of automatic determination of the nearest cafe.

The mobile application implements the functionality of a personal account with integration into the brand's bonus system, where each registered user can receive information about the accumulated points and the possibility of writing them off.

Cinnabon Russia mobile application

The mobile application is listed in the App Store and Google Play.


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