Popularization of the Cinnabon brand in the network
Based on complex analytics, we launched an advertising solution that allows us to popularize the Cinnabon brand at the federal level.
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Popularization of the Cinnabon brand in the network

The study showed that 70% of the Cinnabon brand audience are active users of the Internet and social networks.

On the basis of complex analytics, an advertising solution was generated and launched, which allows to popularize the Cinnabon brand at the federal level.

The solution is fully automated and linked to the landing pages of each café-bakery (the landing page is integrated into the company's website and reflects relevant information for each outlet - promotions, special offers, route / map, contact information, additional service, etc.).

The advertising campaign is based on the tools of Yandex, Google and social networks, which allows high-quality targeting of relevant regions, districts, shopping and business centers, all this makes it possible to form a pool of regular customers in a specific location of the bakery.

The cost of advertising for each bakery in each city has been optimized and updated, which ultimately creates affordable federal advertising on the network and positions the company as a major international brand in all regions of presence.

The advertising solution allows the brand partners (franchisees) not to dive into the specifics of management and analytics, delegating them under the control of the main office and VIMS.


  1. Increasing the coverage of the target audience at the regional and federal levels — more than 24,000,000 ad impressions per month.
  2. Increased sales.
  3. Increase in% delivery.
  4. Increase in incoming traffic to the company's website — an increase of 40%.
  5. High-quality development of vital queries in the regions of the brand's presence through landing pages.
  6. Increase in calls on the issue of franchising from the regions of the Russian Federation.
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