CRM and internal corporate portal for management companies
A system for collecting and controlling internal work for each serviced facility, with the function of collecting and processing requests from residents and tenants.
Разработка CRM

CRM and intracorporate portal for management companies, landlords, homeowners associations and any service companies

We have created a universal software solution for management companies based on our own MegaDesk technology.

The solution is perfect for management companies, landlords (shopping and business centers), homeowners' associations, service companies and anyone who needs two-way control of the client and the contractor.

CRM from VIMS Communication enables operational communication and management, providing a professional and focused customer service with a convenient customizable interface, as well as wide functionality.

The system builds customer requests in the form of a ticket structure with the appointment of responsible persons for each type of work, this approach allows you to speed up the reaction to the problem and remove the negative that arises in the process of customer service, due to the prompt decision-making and understanding of those responsible.

All client requests and the work of the contractor are saved in history, by which you can track the reaction time and the quality of the work provided, see the responsible person and the time spent working with the request.

CRM has mobile adaptation and can be integrated into a mobile application.

Services in the project

Разработка, CRM

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Dealer network price control system for a manufacturer of composite materials
Custom monitoring and control system for dealerships.
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Development of the bonus system VIMSTAR
Bonus system of motivation and customer return, universal loyalty program.
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LESNOY is a sensation worth hunting for!
Реклама Продвижение
Reputation management of a Russian dairy producer
The project carries out comprehensive work to build, control and manage brand reputation.
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BPM and internal portal for managing packaging development processes
A custom BPM-system for managing the development process of corrugated cardboard packaging for Gofromir has been developed.
Автоматизация бизнес-процессов / BPMS Разработка ERP
Website development for SOLID LTD.
Corporate website of SOLID LTD. in three languages with a simple product catalog submission, as well as a convenient mobile version.
Сайты Разработка
Advertising campaign for the HAPPY karaoke bar
HAPPY — karaoke of happiness.
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Complex of automated interaction with FSSP, FCS and FTS
Automation of exchange with Federal authorities.
Комплексная разработка CRM Интеграция и обмен Системы сбора и обработки данных / Парсинг IT
Integration of the site with external services
1C, GetResponse, retailCRM.
Интеграция и обмен Сайты Разработка
Advertising campaign for the chain of pizzerias Godfather`s Pizza
We have developed and launched a pool of advertising campaigns for Godfather`s Pizza, aimed at developing a new brand in Russia.
Реклама Продвижение