System of analytics and selection of commercial premises
A software package for the selection of commercial real estate for franchise and network enterprises has been developed.
Системы сбора и обработки данных / Парсинг Разработка Репутация Системы аналитики

System of analytics and selection of commercial premises

A software package has been developed for collecting, analyzing and displaying only up-to-date data on retail space and premises for the placement of franchise enterprises, chain cafes, bars, restaurants, shops, car services, barbershops, beauty salons, as well as other retail and service outlets.

Description of the problem

Companies associated with the sale of a franchise, the frequent opening of new outlets and representative offices are constantly faced with the lack of an opportunity to offer a potential franchisee / partner an actual retail space or premises for the placement of the acquired franchise.

The franchisee, due to the lack of the necessary experience, connections, time and detailed data on the required premises, refuses the transaction, as a result of which the franchisor loses money.


In 70% of cases, refusal to purchase a franchise occurs due to the impossibility of a potential franchisee to find an actual site for a future project.

The problem is especially acute in the sphere of service companies and public catering, where convenience of location, walking distance and end-to-end traffic are the most important parameters of choice.

Problem solving / System description

The software complex for collecting actual retail space from the VIMS Communication company is based on a data parsing system, according to the specified parameters, from the main sites associated with offers for rent / sale of commercial real estate: CIAN, Avito, Domofond, Yula and others.

The selection of premises for rent / purchase is carried out by the franchisor according to any possible criteria and parameters that are relevant for a specific area and format.

Advantages of working with a commercial real estate analytics system

The company that owns the software for analytics of rental objects can, in a short time, provide a potential partner with a selection of relevant premises suitable for the business task.

The pool of premises is provided by the franchisor in the form of a list of objects in the personal account of a potential partner, indicating all the necessary parameters of the object, traffic and contact information (the franchisor has the ability to block the personal account of a potential partner).

When working with the analytics system, a potential partner no longer needs to independently analyze the sites associated with renting premises, analyze traffic and other parameters, it is enough to choose the best offer and agree on viewing.

The commercial real estate analytics system solves several important tasks at once:

  1. The franchisor creates a reputation as an expert in the field of his business, as he immediately provides relevant areas for a potential franchisee.
  2. A potential franchisee moves to a deal faster and acquires a franchise.
  3. Saving time for the selection of premises.
  4. Saving money on the selection of premises and cooperation with agencies.
  5. Absence of third parties in the selection of premises.
  6. Actual premises do not go to competitors.
  7. Better premises = higher revenue.

Any modifications, integrations, approaches to analytics and filtering relevant to your business are possible in the system.

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