Retail price control and monitoring system for electrical manufacturer
Dealer resource control system based on parsing technology.
Комплексная разработка Разработка CRM Анализ и аналитика Интеграция и обмен

Retail price control and monitoring system for electrical manufacturer

The brand name was not disclosed due to the NDA.

Comprehensive project for control and monitoring of dealer retail prices for a major European electrical manufacturer.

The parser system consists of 4 main blocks

  1. Data collection unit from donors (parsing). Performs data aggregation and storage of configured parameters for each site. A distinctive feature of the parsing system is a logical tool to bypass the protection of donor sites.
  2. Data processing and analysis unit. Analyzes the collected information, compares prices, analyzes dynamics, and also allows you to upload data to Excel.
  3. Monitoring unit. Monitors the performance of each parser, monitors the critical parameters of the servers of the data collection unit and the data processing unit, in case of an error, sends a notification to the technical support employee.
  4. Operator's workplace. Displaying operational summary information in a dashboard, uploading reporting data to Excel, adaptation for mobile devices.

Additional functionality

Project technical support from VIMS

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