Launch of SMS service for Forus / SZA Bank
Bank communication channel automation.
Телефония Разработка Комплексная разработка Программное обеспечение Взаимодействие с ЦА IT

Launch of SMS service for Forus / SZA Bank

A comprehensive solution that combines control over shipping, as well as cost forecasting and selection of the optimal, in terms of delivery price, message transmission channel to clients of the FORUS banking group.

A gateway for interaction of various information systems with a notification channel has been developed.


  1. All contracts and communication channels from all banks of the group have been audited.
  2. The types of notifications have been segmented by criticality, speed, reliability and legal requirements.
  3. The scheme of communication between types of notifications and channels of information delivery to end customers is developed.
  4. Optimized a set of unique names, tariff plans and delivery services for all banks in the group.
  5. A docking gateway has been created to process messages from various information systems.
  6. Special contracts have been agreed with mobile operators for sending push notifications.
  7. The program code has been introduced for the official websites of the group, which allows to automatically publish information to both public and private access.
  8. A system for forecasting the cost of sending notifications through various communication channels before sending has been implemented.
  9. Implemented a system of automated notification when an event occurs.
  10. The convenience and speed of informing clients of the banking group has been increased.
  11. The number of debt repayments has been increased by 10%.
  12. Reduced costs for SMS notifications by 60%.
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