Multimedia training and certification platform for employees
We designed, developed and implemented a multimedia platform for training and certification of employees for a trading and manufacturing company.
Комплексная разработка Интеграция и обмен

We designed, developed and implemented a multimedia platform for training and certification of TT-group employees

The universal multimedia platform allows training new employees and improving the skills of already experienced specialists.

The system provides a scenario for sequential access to training materials, in other words, each new training course becomes available for study when passing and successfully passing the test for the previous course.

Additionally, the express training and testing functionality is used inside the system to get acquainted with new materials and changes in the company's business processes.

An optional functionality for testing an employee according to the company's program has been developed in the training platform.

Testing is carried out for each topic covered. Upon completion of the training course, the employee proceeds to the final testing.

Based on the results of the final testing, the employee receives a certificate of compliance with the course. If the employee does not pass the final test, then he returns to the training course to re-study the materials.

The platform allows you to import any formats of the necessary training materials into it: text, graphics, audio, video and PDF files.

Educational materials are available not only in desktop format, but also from any mobile device.

The employee training platform is part of the company's ecosystem and affects the overall rating of the employee, on the basis of which wages are calculated.


Features of a multimedia platform for training and advanced training of employees


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