Launching and managing advertising campaigns for a network of car dealerships

A comprehensive brand advertising strategy, using targeting and retargeting technologies of search engines Yandex, Google and social networks: Instagram, Facebook, VKontakte, Youtube, for maximum coverage of the relevant audience and brand positioning.

More than 2000 different scenarios are integrated into the campaign, which makes it possible to create and develop conversion channels of communication with target groups that form the basis of the brand's audience.

Services in the project

Research, Advertising, Marketing

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Ayris Silk Online Store
Development of a corporate online store
Building a reputation and communication for a chain of gas stations
Development and implementation of an individual reputation scenario.
Cryptocurrency exchange analysis system
An automated analysis system for making decisions on transactions with cryptocurrencies.
Website for the international chain of bakeries Auntie Anne`s
In the process of developing the resource, an "American" approach was used to demonstrate the product line.
Integration of payments of the banking group Forus / Idea Bank
The new product "Autocredit" has significantly expanded the client network of the united banking network "FORUS".
Online ordering and delivery system for a restaurant holding
A universal software solution has been developed for organizing delivery from restaurants, cafes and shops.
Website development for an American pizza chain in Russia Godfather`s Pizza
The development of the project was based on the American website of the Godfather`s Pizza company.
Website development for MAKORUS
Corporate website of the company.
CRM system and track-desk of construction processes
A solution for managing construction processes, designating stages and stages of a project, exchanging project documentation with the output of information about the readiness of an object in a visual and percentage ratio.
B2B portal development for Fashion
Increasing sales, reducing costs and a single ecosystem. Corporate development from VIMS Communication.