Intra-corporate ecosystem and CRM
A custom ecosystem with an integrated CRM has been developed for managing a manufacturing and trading company.
Комплексная разработка Системы аналитики ERP CRM

A custom internal corporate ecosystem and CRM have been developed for company management

A custom ecosystem with an integrated CRM has been developed to manage the company, infrastructure, sales department and customer flow.

The ecosystem is focused on the segmented and comprehensive management of all processes within the company, with a built-in system for monitoring, statistics and output of financial indicators of different levels, for statistical information of managers and employees involved in the management process, with the possibility of detailing according to any parameters.

The project implements several levels of access, depending on the employees and managers working in the ecosystem.

An internal rating system has been developed for managers, which affects the distribution of new client applications and payroll, taking into account the percentage of sales.

Integrated telephony, instant messengers and postal services allow, based on automatic algorithms, to calibrate the performance rating of each manager.

Additionally, when constructing a rating of managers, a record of received client orders, orders in work and lost orders is kept, this indicator is transferred to the general reporting system for each manager.

The built-in CRM system monitors and manages customer relationships, organizing the work of company managers on the basis of both the standard functionality of CRM systems and using specially developed processing personally for the TT-group company.

The ecosystem structure and CRM were developed directly for the TT-group company, taking into account the peculiarities of the company's work in the market, with integrated automated process control logic, a training system, automatic generation of commercial offers, notifications, telephony and communication with external services and databases.

Within the ecosystem, all the necessary functionality is organized for additional calculation and storage of the company's material base - commercial proposals, contracts, technological maps, training programs, etc.

Within the project, we built and organized all the necessary IT infrastructure: interaction of databases, equipment, servers, containerization and interaction with the interface.

A feature of the ecosystem and CRM is a microservice modular architecture that allows you to connect and refine the required functionality without stopping and disrupting the ecosystem.

The launch of the ecosystem was carried out sequentially, as new options and functionality appeared. By the time of the final launch of the system, the modular structure and components were tested, calibrated and ready to go, the initial version of the system was released into production 3 months after the start of work.

Ecosystem and CRM are developed taking into account the highest requirements for data storage security and comply not only with Russian, but also international standards.

Features of the intracorporate ecosystem and CRM

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