Integration of payments of the banking group Forus / Idea Bank
The new product "Autocredit" has significantly expanded the client network of the united banking network "FORUS".
Комплексная разработка IT Системы аналитики Интеграция и обмен

Integration of payments of the banking group Forus / Idea Bank

The new product "Autocredit" significantly expanded the client network of the united banking network FORUS; accordingly, a simple, accessible and understandable way of repaying loans without visiting a bank branch was required.

Integration into one of the payment terminal networks allowed to reduce the workload on employees and accelerate the receipt of payments from customers.

An extensive network of terminals Elecsnet ( made it possible to start accepting instant credit payments throughout Russia.

The process of integrating credit payments for the FORUS banking group into the Eleksnet payment system was carried out by the specialists of the VIMS company.


  1. Connection of the two main banks of the group to the Elecsnet instant payment network (
  2. Controlled acceptance of payments with two-way payer verification.
  3. Reducing the burden on banks' CCOs by 40%.
  4. Branded design of the payment page for the style of each of the group's banks.
  5. Reducing delays in payments from customers.
  6. Expanding regional coverage by simplifying the procedure for accepting payments.
  7. Increasing customer loyalty and increasing the flow of potential customers.


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