Launched a new service for organizing the company's online sales process

In 2021, it is not enough to create an online store and register in social networks, you need to correctly build the entire process of online sales and interactions from a technical and marketing point of view, taking into account many variables, such as: order processing, sales department, warehouse, aggregators , fulfillment, marketing, pricing, pricing, competitors and much more.

As part of this service, we offer a whole range of works on the development of online sales individually for each of our clients.

Scope of work on building the online sales process

  1. We understand the peculiarities of the company, goods, services;
  2. We form a marketing conclusion, which includes an analysis of all the company's activities into components, taking into account competitors and suppliers;
  3. We build a software architecture for project dependencies;
  4. We carry out all the necessary project development and integration;
  5. We form the recommended issue of actual goods, additional products, analogues, alternatives;
  6. We install competitor monitoring systems;
  7. We install automatic pricing systems;
  8. We install customer return systems;
  9. We install marketing management systems (discounts, promotions, combos, etc.);
  10. We install systems of statistics and storage of historical data;
  11. We define and launch only ACTUAL promotion channels and aggregators.

What results does the client get?

  • Correctly structured sales process from the marketing and technical side;
  • No problems with loading goods;
  • Prompt response to competitors' prices and discounts;
  • The client receives only relevant products;
  • Increase in the number of checks and average check;
  • Absolute control of sales, stocks and availability;
  • Effective promotion.

Organization of the online sales process

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