Custom development and business development without limits. An example of controlling sales managers.


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  • Market conditions
  • Control and automation, limitations of ready-made solutions out of the box
  • Custom development — unlimited benefits for business development
  • An example of increasing sales through control is the development of the sales department and the rating of the manager


Market conditions

It is probably not a secret for anyone that today the clients of absolutely any company, whether it is B2B or B2C, are waiting for the highest level of service, reaction, response and attention to their task, in other words, control.

Clients' tasks must be solved efficiently and quickly, and the price must be pleasant and easy, like an ocean breeze somewhere in Tenerife, otherwise clients will go to competitors.

Not a single company wants to “let go” of its, even the most “difficult” clients, therefore, development directors, marketers and advertisers are invited to develop and expand the client base, whose work should bring interaction with the client audience to a new level, that is, develop and control.

And how do development specialists create the desired result?

Over 12 years of work, we have managed to analyze more than 300 different enterprises, as well as their positive and negative experience, having this information, we can say with confidence that one of the most efficient ways to develop a company is to control and automate business processes.

If we consider the work of development specialists in detail, it becomes obvious that their activities are related to the introduction of new technologies.

New technologies are used to make the company faster, more accurate and more attentive to existing and potential customers.

For example, online chat on the site speeds up the processing of requests, CRM allows you to accompany the client at all stages, 1C automates prices and availability, advertising analytics services reduce the cost of attracting.

The introduction of technology is the automation of a business process, but the goal of implementation is to increase control consistently and at all stages.


Control and automation, limitations of ready-made solutions out of the box

The easiest way to implement technology and automation is through ready-made solutions, they are usually used on a subscription basis and do not put a lot of pressure on the company's finances.

Today, the automation market presents a huge number of different services, applications and other software services that can automate and control almost any business process.

Off-the-shelf software solutions have a pool of obvious advantages, but there are also obvious disadvantages:

  1. No personalization

    As a rule, marketers, investors, startups and IT companies from all over the world are developing ready-made software solutions for automation, so solutions of this kind are focused on everyone and at the same time for no one in particular, that is, it is almost impossible to 100% implement software in a company , and accordingly the resulting level of control will not be the one that is required.

    Most often, working with ready-made solutions requires learning, adjusting and getting used to; this scheme is not suitable for large companies with a large number of employees.
  2. Availability for competitors

    It is worth saying that if at least one company in the industry has a ready-made solution and it is somehow successfully used, then all competitors from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka will very quickly have this solution.

    The thing is that a narrow industry market encourages marketers to constantly monitor competitors for successful innovations.

    It turns out that a software product that was an advantage becomes a necessity after a while, and no longer provides an advantage.
  3. Limited number of useful solutions


Custom development — unlimited benefits for business development

All companies are unique.

If you analyze the two most direct competitors, you can easily find a large number of differences in the introduction of business, management, sales and production.

For maximum control over the company and automation, we recommend paying attention to the direction of custom software development at VIMS Com. (of our company).

Custom development gives development professionals unlimited opportunities to create the most powerful marketing and commercial advantages.

When introducing custom-made custom products to a company, you will be able to manage production, equipment, sales, control employees, collect and process prices and balances of competitors, automatically build a pricing policy on all sites, create an omnichannel, attract new customers, accompany existing ones, and much more.

Individual development makes it possible to create a unique product, software package or web solution for control, automation and communication, which will definitely work and 100% bring the expected result, without additional investments and experiments.

Custom development with VIMS Communication can only be limited by the imagination of the author of functional requirements.

Individually developed software, according to functional requirements and technical specifications, is fully focused on solving customer problems, and the rights to the software are transferred to the customer's ownership. This approach excludes the appearance of software on the market and its receipt by competitors, due to which a competitive advantage is created, custom development is unique and has no market analogues.


We will develop and implement for your company:



Increasing sales through control — development of the sales department and manager rating

Among the cases of our company, there is a custom development project to control sales managers.

The essence of the development is the implementation of an automatic control system for managers at all stages of work.

The result of the manager's work, his professional knowledge and ability to communicate with the client are evaluated based on the statistics obtained from CRM and other sources of the company, telephony, mail, accounting, testing system, access control system.

Based on the results of the analytics, the manager is assigned an internal rating, on the basis of which the salary and bonuses of the manager are calculated.

Also, detailed reporting for each manager is available to the company's management inside the CRM interface.

The tool we developed to control the sales department and each manager separately, allowed us to increase sales from 100 to 800 customers a month.

Development magic with VIMS.


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