Data parsing system project for Adidas and Reebok
A complex from a group of parsers for 4 sites.
CRM Системы сбора и обработки данных / Парсинг Комплексная разработка Анализ и аналитика данных

Data parsing system project for Adidas and Reebok

Parsing and analysis system for and sites with a block for comparing information with the original.

The system is a complex from a group of parsers for 4 sites:

All the data obtained is analyzed for the quality of filling the blocks (customizable parameters), and also, the functionality of comparison with the main international resources is available.

Features of the project

  1. The parser regularly collects data on all commodity items published on the sites.
  2. For data analysis, a download of the list of required articles is available.
  3. Tracks the scan status of pages and internal items.
  4. Configured notifications about the impossibility of collecting data (there were changes on the donor site, the section disappeared, etc.) through the status monitoring system.
  5. A system of notifications about critical events has been configured (goods without prices have appeared, etc.).
  6. The function of obtaining information in the context of the scan history (fixing changes).
  7. Linking the display of advertising channels to the statuses of sections and product cards.
  8. A universal report designer has been installed with the ability to download data by certain parameters (goods without a price, with a low amount of UGC, etc.).
  9. Data export to web interface and Excel.
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