Teamwork system MegaDesk

Track, control, organize the support and maintenance process.

Teamwork. The control. Support.

A system for organizing support and maintenance of any processes based on Help Desk and Service Desk technologies.

  • IT support;
  • Secretariat;
  • AXO and registration of incoming correspondence;
  • Remote commands;
  • Service services;
  • Designers task management;
  • Support services;
  • etc.

The MegaDesk system is designed for convenient and transparent operation of any process for support and maintenance of a client / process / service.

Two groups interact on the platform: performers and applicants. Each of them sees the load of the team, the general queue of applications and the status for each of them.

How MegaDesk works

  1. The applicant / client creates a request for work / troubleshooting according to the basic template.
  2. The support team reviews the request, clarifies details without assigning a responsible person.
  3. After updating the data, the support team takes the request for work and appoints a person responsible for execution.
  4. The applicant / client sees the status of the application, can correspond with the contractor in the internal chat.
  5. A closed application can be accepted or returned for revision.


  • A transparent system with a common queue of applications - the loading of the command is visible to all applicants.
  • Internal chat with the executor of the application eliminates the need for correspondence via e-mail and other channels.
  • Mobility. The ability to control the process and process applications anywhere, anytime.
  • The history of applications for the executor and the applicant.
  • Internal database of ready-made solutions / materials / answers.
  • Increasing the priority of applications.
  • Customization of any processes and functions for each client.

Developer: VIMS Communication

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