Website development, monitoring and price management systems
Backend for Jack Perro
Сайты Анализ и аналитика данных Интеграция и обмен CRM

Website development, monitoring and price management systems. Backend for Jack Perro.

Jack Perro's website was created for everyone who cares about animals, who prefers high-quality service, clear navigation and a wide range of exclusive products for their pets at the best prices.

Development composition



The peculiarities of the site backend are that it is executed on the basis of a microservice architecture and is not a monolithic code that affects the functionality and performance of the site.

The main task of this functionality is the formation of an actual attractive market value for each individual product, which is practically impossible to do manually for 24,000 items presented in the site catalogs.

The backend consists of three main blocks (modules) that manage the brand's pricing policy, both at a certain moment and during any selected time interval:

How does the automatic supplier data collection feature work?

The collection functionality addresses all suppliers of the company, receives from them a list of all relevant positions, compares recurring positions and determines the best offer in terms of price and availability, choosing a supplier, or changing a supplier as the best offer appears, then the data goes to the analytical core of the module.
Comparison is based on SKU, name, abbreviations and prices.

How does automatic data collection from industry and other market participants work?

To form the best offer or the current price on the market, the data collection function monitors competitive price offers for each product, compares them with each other, selects the best price and transfers the data to the analytical core of the system, indicating several price options: the most expensive, the cheapest and the average price goods on the market, storing the history of the received data within the system as prices change in the market.

How does the functional of forming the brand's pricing policy regarding the market conjuncture for each product in the catalog (analytical core) work?

The generated data from the two collection systems go to the analytical core of the main system, where, based on the prices received from the suppliers, the best offer is selected and compared with the prices existing on the market.

Based on the analysis result, a price offer is formed, and then the current price for the site is forwarded.

The module responsible for sending data to the site allows you to upload reports on price changes, revenue and profit for any selected period.

The pricing strategy is completely manageable and allows you to work in both automatic and manual modes.


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