Server for Beauty Sleep
Organization of a technological platform: setting up and launching a virtual server for
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Setting up a server and monitoring for Beauty Sleep

For the effective operation of the platform and the BeautySleep online store, the server capacities were configured to ensure the reliability and performance of the retail site.

Setting up a virtual server, web server.

As part of the NDA, we do not disclose detailed information about the types of distributions and versions of installed packages.

Based on the results of performance testing and the correctness of the operating system settings, the need for additional optimization of the file system operation was determined, as well as the need to install updates for packages. After testing dependencies and version compatibility, all packages were updated and the correctness of the dependencies was checked.

Additionally, the web server has received new caching settings. Testing for memory leaks under load showed that the platform works correctly and with a large flow of visitors there is no shortage of resources.

Optimization of the MySQL DBMS

Checking the database showed the presence of a large number of errors both in the MySQL server itself and in the database tables responsible for the operation of the BeautySleep Internet platform.

The elimination of errors increased the overall reliability and performance of the platform.


In order to keep the performance of the virtual platform under control, a system for monitoring key indicators of the server, components and databases responsible for the high-quality operation of the BeautySleep online platform has been deployed.

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