Working out negativity in the network / fast food restaurant
A comprehensive strategy to optimize negative content and build a positive brand image among fast food restaurants.
Построение стратегии Репутация Повышение лояльности Повышение узнаваемости

Working out negativity in the network / fast food restaurant

The brand name was not disclosed due to the NDA.

An analysis of the web environment of the burger showed that at the time of the launch of the project, there were about 2,000 negative and unprocessed reviews on the network on more than 400 sites, as well as on social networks.

A comprehensive strategy was formed to optimize negative content and create a positive brand image among fast food restaurants.

For 3 months, negative reviews and appeals to the brand were worked out. The reviews generated by the VIMS company were posted from real individuals, with a total of more than 500 performers in different time intervals, which made it possible to create the maximum visual naturalness of messages.

The displacement of negativity in social networks was based on the study and removal of reviews through communication with the administrators of groups and communities, reviews on all sites were overlapped by a positive social message.

The formation of a positive image of the company was carried out by creating a pool of REAL reviews from REAL individuals at all sites.

Representatives of the blogosphere with the number of subscribers from 100,000 people were invited to the project of creating a positive image of the restaurant chain for preparing interviews, product reviews and advertising.


  1. The first results appeared within 4 months after the start of work.
  2. A comprehensive study of the negative allowed us to establish, work with potential franchisees, increase the number of guests, the average check, as well as the percentage of delivery on the network from 2 to 15.
  3. During the work on the project, we have created more than 3000 reviews on 700 sites of the Russian Internet, 110 video reviews and received more than five million views!
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