Repositioning a plastic window manufacturer
A positive brand image was built on the basis of a renewed corporate identity.
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Repositioning a plastic window manufacturer

The brand name was not disclosed due to the NDA.

From the project research, a set of qualitative data was obtained, on the basis of which it was possible to draw a conclusion about the environment and work of the company, which made it possible to develop a future plan for the development and repositioning of the brand.

At the time of the launch of the project, the manufacturer's brand had more than a decade of history, which additionally loaded the work due to the formed, but not well-developed reputation. Often, negative reviews about the company's work and high pricing policy "disrupted" the sale.

The problem was not only the volume of negativity and low sales, but also the lack of the necessary advertising channels.

The decision was made to reposition the brand and develop a completely new marketing strategy.

At the stage of network development, a high concentration of negativity was found relative to the total mass of reviews and reviews.

Working with the negative for this brand was also complicated by the large number of text and video reviews, which are high-quality “traffic” content for other sites, which makes it much more difficult to remove materials that defame reputation.

The content, which for some reason could not be removed, was overlapped by new, more open, but with a complete inversion of the problem, bringing it further to the TOP of the results for the required search query.

The generation of effective materials was based on the negative received during the research of the brand environment. Before the start of the project, it was determined that the topics that incite negativity are, for example, issues of poor quality profile, loose closure and poor heat conservation, therefore positive reputation materials were released in advance and included publications about a quality and reliable profile, excellent heat saving and tight closure with the ability to adjust to any comfort mode.

A positive brand image was built on the basis of a renewed corporate identity, attracting a positive mass of NATURAL customer and professional reviews, text and video reviews, photo reports and advertising in various Internet channels.

To popularize the brand for more than 18 months, 14 graphic advertising campaigns were launched, which spoke about the quality, reliability and premium quality of the brand's products.


In 24 months of work with the project, it turned out to form a quality story and reposition the old brand into a successful modern company with a professionally developed reputation.

At the moment, the manufacturer is one of the leaders in sales of plastic windows in the regions presented.

Project composition

  1. Rebranding of the corporate identity, website and communication channels of the company.
  2. Removed more than 8000 reviews in all Internet channels!
  3. Over 20,000 positive reviews and brand reviews posted!
  4. More than 20 topics have been worked out that initiate the appearance of negative in the plastic window industry.
  5. Effective advertising campaigns were created, focused and focused on each product of the brand, which made it possible to create a daily steady pool of orders in each region.
  6. A custom CRM is integrated into the company's activities.
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