CRM system and track-desk of construction processes
A solution for managing construction processes, designating stages and stages of a project, exchanging project documentation with the output of information about the readiness of an object in a visual and percentage ratio.
CRM Разработка

CRM system and track-desk of construction processes

A custom CRM system with track-desk function was developed for the Monolit group of construction companies.

The versatility of the system makes it possible to transform CRM into ERP and further connect the necessary processes, with the addition of digital twins.

The system segments the company's resources into their constituent elements - specialists, machinery, equipment and allows for management, supervision and direct communication to coordinate processes and stages of construction.

Inside CRM, a complex reporting system has been added, which generates the output of statistical and factual information on any required parameter, specialist, technical unit, finance, building a text, percentage, graphic and modular result of both the entire construction and for the selected period.

CRM is connected with all engineering and financial software of the company, supplemented with checklists and completely creates an internal IT infrastructure, giving the possibility of management control at a certain point.

The system start screen displays the visual readiness of the facility based on the architectural and engineering plan.

Within the system, the dependence of processes and specialists from each other is established, with personal notification of each participant about the beginning and end of work related to his area of ​​attention, this approach makes it possible to exercise more accurate control, practically eliminating the human factor.

Setting up the process and stages of construction, involving specialists, appointing responsible persons, performers, units of equipment and terms is carried out by the chief engineer, deputy or head of the company.

At the end of construction, you can generate the statistics of the object and compare the planned time and finances of the object with the actual ones, all this makes it possible to more accurately form future projects, excluding errors and inaccuracies, based on the statistical and historical cut.

Inside the CRM system, storage of all project, contact and financial data about the facility under construction is provided.

CRM-system from VIMS Communication is implemented with increased security requirements and meets all necessary corporate and international standards for software development.

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